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Price: 600 baht (about 12 euro). The price will decrease with big order: 100 pieces 300 baht including the cable! The cost of sending one item somewhere in Europe is no more than the postal service.
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Operations: when switching on by pushing the button “I” the circuit give voltage to the load and the button turn on its light. If it is pressed again (by mistakes or whatever pushing will you have) nothing happens: the load remains always under voltage. Then, when the button "0" will be pressed the load will be no more under voltage and the button’s light will be off. If it will be pressed more than one time nothing will happen, the load will remains always without voltage. If, during the normal function (operation) of the equipment connected to this low voltage switch, the load will not be anymore under voltage (black out) it will be necessary push the button "I" again once the power it will be back (NVR system). The load is 220 volts up to 300 watts; the button instead works with 24 volts.