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Bacon slicers (meat slicer, ham slicer) of easy manageability (13.5 kg) as built in special league of aluminum anodized according with the hygiene laws, blade in temperate steel, engine Kw 0.25, voltage to single-phase or three-phase when request. Large attention to safety measures; even when you open the slicer to clean it a small riddle protect you from direct contact with the blade. If the cover of the blade is not perfectly allocated the motor of the ham slicer will not start!
The slicer is provided of a semi-automatic grinding tool to keep the blade always operating at top quality.

Special slicer with flywheel (manual) top article for connoisseurs. It avoids the heating generated from the engine leaving the taste of the ham more "soft". Shortly you will find published on this page the prices, at the moment you can inquire via email.

The slicers are in several measures and in several models, for cold cuts and for meat, gravity type, horizontal or with gear-drive mechanism.

All the slicers are guaranteed from the Italian Swedlinghaus and are all made in Italy. We can give this competitive price because we have commitment with Swedlinghaus.

Swedlinghaus srl (Co., ltd.) is an Italian manufacturer of slicers, bone band saws and meat mincers located in the Marche region. What started off as a modest outfit with just a handful of people is today, almost 50 years later, a major organization of repute, providing innovative machinery to the food and catering industries with excellent performances. The products are currently being exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East.